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Simfixed Morikipo Island - SuperSeasons.rar

Simfixed Morikipo Island - SuperSeasons.rar
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05 June 2014
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Requires: The Sims 3, World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatual, Seasons


Sims 3 Version: or later (patch 1.42)



Morikipo Island has long been an isolated rural one, many of the lower income residential homes are country/tropic style and several show that the indoor plumbing is a relatively new feature by it being in obvious additions. There was a brief boom for the Lodestone Mining Company, but that's long over, and the old mine is now a landfill, the smelting factory a rave. But the boom brought in enough cash that higher tech industry like the Apera Tuir Science company and Tropicolor Motion Pictures have come to the island- and with them the night life, and improved performance venues.


The island is well populated by mostly-friendly inhabitants, who will welcome newcomers or be there for those who decide to control their destinies instead of a new family's.


The seasons turn on the island- being a tropical one, many venues aren't built with cold weather in mind, so if a hard autumn or winter hits, there might be a problem with islandercicles. (In other words, I have NOT altered the fact that there are several homes with outdoor eating areas, and performance venues that are outside, etc. Use winter and fall seasons at the risk of frostbite!)



Map Size & Terrain:


The Morikipo Island map is a large sized map. The black sand beaches and some of the rock are custom made, and at this time I do not have versions that will be usable in game, I tried though to make it as easy as possible to blend in normal EA textures in game for the lots individually.


Spawner Information:


  • The island has lots of Base Game, Ambitions, Late Night, Showtime, and Small Pet Spawners of all types. Some Alchemy insect & gem spawners were added.

  • World Adventures also has some spawners included on the island, most notably some fruit trees/veggies, koi spawners in some of the parklike areas, French common fishing spawners in various ponds/brackish or fresh water areas, and Generic Digsite spawners.

  • The tombs on the island also make use of ancient coins, nectars, and other relics- again mostly Generic Digsite, though some places (like the smuggler hideouts) have a few Chinese, Egyptian, and French treasure and dig spawn points.


Lot Demographics (via Twallan's Master Controller)


  • Total Lots: 183

  • Residential: 51 occupied, 30 unoccupied (several are $16.5K starter or under $20K), and 19 are completely empty for immediate building

  • Commercial: 83 (Many of these are 'hidden tomb' or decorative lots)

  • There are 132 human (and occult) Sims on the island at startup for SuperSeasons.





  • If you use Nraas or other mods that 'remove homeless' do NOT let that happen at outset, or you will lose the Sims I made that would otherwise move into apartments and tend bars or be other types of service Sims.

  • Added a couple of residences, fixed some routing to allow for swimming.

  • I believe any general lighting mods you have will overwrite my world's internal lighting.

  • Some lots have spiral stairs- these stairs sometimes reset to be 'unrouteable' when a world or lot exports. If you encounter a clogging at spiral stairs, go into build mode for that lot, pick them up, then hit esc key, then go back to live mode. Doing that will 'reset' the routing for the stairs and they will function properly from then on. The racetrack/ranch, vampire lounge, and the Blue Grog A-Go-Go as well as some residences may have this problem (or may not).

  • I used fog emitters for some effects in a few lots. There may still be a bug where on first load of the neighborhood they will be set to the default 'creepy fog' even when they should not be. Saving the game and then re-entering it from main menu fixes this.

  • While the SuperSeasons version of Morikipo should not overwrite previous versions, the resort version of Superseasons WILL overwrite the normal SuperSeasons.

  • This was my first project, and some roads/sidewalks will still have minor ripples, and roads and sidewalks near cliff edges may look horrible from a distance but OK up close. It would be far too difficult to fix these issues at this juncture.

  • I have not made a flyover entry for this world.


Custom Content (not included in world file, several are optional and not required! Follow links to download them):
HugeLunatic of Mod the Sims' EA match windows are REQUIRED unless you want to replace windows in almost every lot:


Ye Olde Window (colonial matches) - Country Windows - International Windows - Ribbon Window Counter-height - Limbo Window Counter-height


Fresh-Prince of Mod the Sims' classic 1950 Ford F1 and 78 Plymouth Fury because classic cars and tropical islands mix well. (These are optional and their lack will not do anything odd.)


Contains with permission some apartment lots by HugeLunatic and Armiel of MTS, also residences by Plasticbox and GoldenSimmer also of MTS, these lots have no extra CC in them or required by them.


EA Store Content/FREE Sets (not included, and mostly optional- follow links to download them if desired):


Lacking any of this content for the most part will just cause different/odd base game decor to crop up in handfuls of lots- other than the Riverview town objects, most notably the big rock from Riverview, which will, if missing, really make many lots look WEIRD.


Free sets:



I also accidentally at first included the Year of the Tiger set, which is not a free one- I tried removing its items from lots but may have missed one or two. It's entirely optional.


Other Credits:


  • Inge and Peter Jones for S3pe

  • Twallan for his Master Controller and Porter mods

  • The folks who hang out on Mod the Sims' #create channel for input and support, especially Daluved, Kiwi_tea, Armiel, HugeLunatic, whiterider, and HystericalParoxysm

  • HugeLunatic again for making the darn apartment buydebug stuff available and for letting me use a lot of hers

  • SimSample for a heck of a lot of things unlocked, enabled, and explained for CAW

  • Atavera for unlocking the secrets of CAW

  • Plasticbox, GoldenSimmer, Armiel, and HugeLunatic for residential lots used

  • Sundry other MTSers & friends who helped me test all the versions and gave me great feedback



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License Agreement

Thanks for downloading one of my world files! Please read the following license agreement:

  • Please do NOT redistribute this world, any of the lots, or original-generation Sims on another site without my permission.
  • You may share savegame files on any free Sims CC/community site!
  • You may also use this world, its lots, and Sims as a setting for any kind of creative work you're doing like legacy blogs, machinima, movies, build/remodel contest entries, or other needed screenshot/setting reasons. Please credit me and link back to Bakasims!
I agree to the terms listed above
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